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Leadership and Multiculturalism

The March 13, 2015 Pasquale Gravina spoke at a conference about multiculturalism and leadership organized by ISTAO (Adriano Olivetti Institute) in the beautiful home of Ancona. Guests Maurizia Cacciatori, volleyball champion and star of interesting and effective interventions, Roberto Zecchino, HR Manager of Bosch Group in Southern Europe, which addressed the complex issues of multiculturalism and management within large companies, Valentina Sangiorgi, HR Manager of Randstad Italy that covered  the same topics of the collegue Zecchino and Giuliano Calza, General Manager of ISTAO and moderator of the debate. The event was held in the presence of students, managers and entrepreneurs and found the keen interest of the participants for the topics covered, the manner and for the quality offered.