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Sports talent and environmental factors

Great participation at the conference “The sports talent and environmental factors” held on January 22 at the former GIL in Campobasso. In the presence of the President of the Region of Molise Paolo Di Laura Frattura and the Mayor of Campobasso Antonio Battista, the Regional Council delegate to the sport Carmelo Parpiglia, introduced the evening leaving Giacomo Crosa the task of moderating interventions. Present on stage two Italian sports champions like  Sara Simeoni, unforgotten Olympic gold in Moscow 1980 in the high jump, Pasquale Gravina, Olympic “molisano” of birth and World and European champion with the National Volleyball Team, and the President of the National Olympic Committee Giovanni Malagò. Much appreciated all the interventions that have led, with very different testimonies, insights original. Later there was the gala evening with the awards of the best “molisani” athletes of the year and the final greetings.