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We’re going to win!

Yesterday, April 1, 2014 was held the Lectio expected, at the conference hall of the University of Teramo (www.unite.it), by Mr. Roberto Zecchino and Mr. Pasquale Gravina. The event, which is part of an orientation program strongly supported by the University and its Rector Prof. Luciano D’Amico present in the room , it was mainly aimed at high school students coming to the choice of the future university. Besides the students were present teachers, parents, professional trainers, students and graduates who have been able to hear, after an amazing opening song of a student who has performed singing a piece of Whitney Houston, the signs of dr. Zecchino, representing the Bosch Group, with his emphasis on the selection criteria and the skills required for those who are entering the world of work.

The second half saw as a great protagonist instead Pasquale Gravina, who collaborates with the School of Management of the Bosch Group ( http://www.bosch.it/tec ), which enchanted the audience retracing his past eighteen and choices that led him to his career as an athlete and sports manager before then. The final slogan ” We’re going to win! ” with which Mr. Gravina concluded his speech, was an incitement aimed primarily to guys that he encouraged not to live the lives of others.