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Door3 the event

” A Journey “. So Pasquale Gravina has defined the experience of Door3 (http://www.port3.it), the event staged with Andrea Di Lenna at the Teatro Comunale di Vicenza. The course, which has as a common denominator the change, winds its way through the Olympic sports in which Gravina find stories connected to his personal experience , lived in the many years of success of the Italian National Team ‘of 90’s . During this particular trip, in which there are evocations of movies that use sport as a metaphor, physically are open some doors that represent choices which often we are all called more or less consciously.

It quickly becomes quite clear that the intention, however declared by Gravina and Di Lenna , to highlight the versatility of the message, namely the possibility for the sport to talk to men without cultural barriers. The universal dimension of sport, equal only to that of the music, lets face it, in a more relaxed atmosphere of course, the issues that govern the personal and professional challenges of each of us .

You can find a more detailed description of the event in the article by Gian Luca Pasini http://goo.gl/aEE8vb taken from the Gazzetta dello Sport online.

On YouTube a short clip http://youtu.be/hmHbof0pYcQ